Sakura Ryu Aikijutsu

Sakura AikiJutsu, was founded through the desire of Shihan Danny Clarkson to expand on the skills learned over a lfietime of study. Shihan Clarkson, has devoted his life to studying various forms of martial arts, boxing, Kung Fu, until eventually finding an art that had the depth and breadth to maintain his focus and fascination for a lifetime. Shihan Clarkson, found his home in the dojo of traditional Japanese JuJutsu.

Shihan Clarkson, was awarded his 7th Dan and Menkyo licence by his long standing teacher after 30 years of study. Receiving his Menkyo licence indicated it was time to branch out and integrate the learning of other forms traditional Japanese martial arts received from years of studies and practice with legendary masters. The integration of the Aiki principle into the traditional JuJutsu skills created a formidable array of unequivocal techniques to yield the most dangerous opponent, irrespective of the scenario or threat faced by the practitioner. It is this combined principle and practice that made the elite Samurai class, masters of close quarter combat on the savage battlefields of feudal Japan. Shihan Clarkson was joined by two other JuJutsuka, who had studied with him for a total of 35 years. The founding members of Sakura AikliJuJutsu are Shihan Danny Clarkson, Shihan Geoff Robinson and Sensei Dalibor Debartoli.